Wambrook Parish Church
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The Wambrook Parish Church of the blessed St Mary the Virgin, is located in the village of Wambrook. It is part of the “Cloverleaf” group of Churches and comes under the diocese of Bath and Wells. The village is approximately 2.5 miles (4 km) west of the town of Chard, in the county of Somerset. The world heritage site, Jurassic Coast, is approximately half an hour away by car. To the northwest, lies the county town of Taunton, half an hour’s drive by car. To the west, over the border into Devon, is the town of Honiton and the city of Exeter.

You may like to take a quiet and leisurely tour through the site, read the history of the Church from its early beginnings, up to the present day. You may have fond memories, if you have been to the Church, perhaps for a wedding.

Whether you have visited in person, or here on-line, we hope you have enjoyed your visit to our Church and that you will come back and see us again soon.      

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