Wambrook Parish Church


A safeguarding policy has been adopted by the Wambrook PCC for the safety of children and vulnerable adults alike. A safeguarding officer is available within the ‘Cloverleaf Parishes’ and members of the PCC have been cleared through DBS requirements or their equivalent.

Health and Safety

A health and safety audit was carried out in February 2018 by a member of the PCC and myself. The last audit was carried out in 2017 and the latest version, will shortly be available as a download from the Church website

The Clergy

Feedback from the parishioners and the wider community, has as previously reported, with minor exceptions been positive. Where suggestions to services have been voiced, these have been taken on board and integrated where possible. For the record, feedback is always welcome.

Thanks are due to the Rev Georgina, who has continued to bring new thinking, enthusiasm and vision to the Church, of which we are grateful.


Following the retirement of the rector, the Rev Sue Tucker in September, we are in a period known as an ‘Interregnum’ where a new member of  the clergy will be appointed. Work is proceeding in producing a CV or specification encompassing the ‘Cloverleaf’ parishes after which the vacated post will be advertised.

The Future

Now that the current works have been completed, we have the opportunity of looking forward, to what other improvements can be carried out to the building, in support of wider use by the community. Arguably the most pressing issue, is to provide toilet facilities.With available funds being squeezed nationally, this will present greater challenges, but with determined effort, the goals can be achieved.

In conclusion

If I have omitted anyone or anything, it was not my intention and I offer my unreserved apologies and thank you all retrospectively.


I am of the opinion, that his report is a fair and accurate record of the facts as interpreted by me, the Churchwarden for the Parish of Wambrook. There is no intent, implied or malicious, to misrepresent persons or events, howsoever caused, in this report.

Report end.

Graeme Pidgeon.

Churchwarden and Chairman, the Repair Steering Group.

9th April 2018.


The Churchwarden’s Annual Report to the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting of the Blessed Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook.

Monday 9th April 2018.

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