Wambrook Parish Church

Cleaning and Flower arrangements

I thank all those who have given their time, to carry out the regular cleaning and flower arranging in the Church during the past year and I sincerely hope they will continue to do so. Thanks must also be given to those who give their time drawing up the cleaning and flower rota, without which, confusion would reign!

The Wambrook Lectures

Sadly, the Wambrook lectures ceased in May 2016. The lectures were widely supported by the local community and further afield. These events served as an opportunity, to catch up with friends and colleagues.  Over the years, much funding was raised in support of the Church, for which we are extremely grateful. I have to thank Peter and his team for their diverse subject matter and hard work over the years. We have yet to fill the gap on a regular basis.

Attendance at Services

Attendance at regular services has not only stabilized, but has bucked the national trend and increased slightly. No doubt the Rev Georgina can comment on this!

Service preparation

Thanks are due to the community, who attend the Church for service preparation and for stowing everything away after the service. Their help is appreciated.

The Bells

The bells under the guidance of the Captain of the Tower, continue to be regularly rung, principally at Evensong and other events when needed. They regularly practice during the working week, to hone their skills! Training is offered to those who wish to join the team of Wambrook ringers. Just speak with the Captain!

The Churchyard

A previously planned community working party, descended on the Churchyard in early May and a grand tidy up ensued and gave the area a facelift for the summer. Two further working parties attended in August and September complete with chainsaws and other contraptions. The Captain of the Tower arrived on both occasions, complete with tractor and trailer to help with the disposal of the ensuing rubbish.

During this same period, teams of mower and strimming operators, have continued to mow and strim the grass on a regular basis. This is something the community and visitors alike, can be rightly proud of. I therefore thank, those who have given their time to these activities, including those who set out the rota’s and spreadsheets.

Digital Mapping of the Churchyard

The digital mapping programme for the Churchyard is nearing completion, following many hours of research and planning by the digital mapping team. We are fortunate to have this level of expertise to hand, which may not always be appreciated. The results of their collective efforts, will be on display, once the new notice board is in place. It is a ground breaking project and I unreservedly thank the team for their work on the project.

The Churchwarden’s Annual Report to the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting of the Blessed Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook.

Tuesday 4th April 2017.

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