Wambrook Parish Church

A limited structural survey in mid December highlighted issues with both internal and external pointing on the southeast corner of the chancel. We are currently awaiting costings from the contractor for these minor works.

Cleaning and Flower arrangements

I thank all those who have given their time, to carry out the regular cleaning and flower arranging in the Church during the past year and I sincerely hope they will continue to do so. Thanks must also be given to those who give their time drawing up the cleaning and flower rota, without which, confusion would reign!

The Wambrook Lectures

Two lectures entitled ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Macmillan Nursing’ were held in the Autumn of 2017  but were poorly attended. There may be mitigating factors, but are not discussed in this report.

Attendance at Services

Attendance at regular services has remained stable since the previous report but, there are ongoing issues in respect of the content of some services. Issues have been highlighted for example, during the Remembrance and Christmas Services 2017. These and other issues will be discussed at a planned meeting with the Rural Dean.

Service preparation

Thanks are due to the community, who attend the Church for service preparation and for stowing everything away after the service. Their help is appreciated.

The Bells

The bells under the guidance of the Captain of the Tower, continue to be regularly rung, principally at Evensong and other events when needed. They regularly practice during the working week, to hone their skills! Training is offered to those who wish to join the team of Wambrook ringers. Just speak with the Captain! Visiting ringing teams can often be heard during the summer months.

The Churchyard

Volunteer teams of mower and strimming operators, have continued to mow and strim the grass on a regular basis. The weather was not kind to us during 2017 and some mowing slots were unfortunately missed. Unsettled weather during the winter and early spring, has prevented work to widen the path leading to the west door. This work will be done, when the weather improves. That said, the community and visitors alike, can be rightly proud of their efforts in maintaining the Church estate. I therefore thank, those who have given their time to these activities, including those who set out the rota’s and spreadsheets.

Digital Mapping of the Churchyard

The digital mapping programme for the Churchyard as reported in the 2017 Churchwardens report, has been completed. All known burial records and maps, can be seen on the Church notice-board. In addition, the records can be viewed on the Church website including interactive maps of the Churchyard. Visitors to the website can download their own copy if wished. I have to thank the members of the community who have collectively spent hundreds of hours in bringing this major project to fruition.

The Churchwarden’s Annual Report to the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting of the Blessed Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook.

Monday 9th April 2017.

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