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Fabric Report

Shortly after last year’s Churchwardens Report, the much awaited ‘Bat Licence’ was received. This allowed the planned works to renew the Church roof to commence. Additional scaffolding was erected around the building in late April 2017, to enable the  work on the roof slopes of the  Chancel, Nave  and Vestry. At the start of the planned works, a bat conservation officer attended and gave a presentation on the care and handling of any bats that may be found during the works. There were random visits by the conservation officer, during the repair works. Good weather during late April and throughout May enabled the works to proceed apace. By mid June the works had been completed and an under spend was identified. This under spend, was an opportunity to  carry out further works to the Tower that had been identified during the repair works. The conservation Architect drew up a specification for these extra works. This specification was submitted to the funding repair administrators during July 2017 requesting permission to use the remaining funds on the high level part of the Tower.

A slate signing event was held in order for anyone in the community to have an opportunity to sign a slate in memory of a loved one, before being returned to the Vestry roof. The event was well attended and all donations received, have been put towards the purchase of a replacement flagpole.

Permission to proceed with the extra works, was received in mid August and scaffolding was re-erected around the Tower in early September.

Following high winds during the second weekend in September, a number of scaffolding planks became dislodged from the Tower scaffolding and at least one, was catapulted into the west facing slope of the recently refurbished south chapel. Considerable damage was caused to this roof slope both internally and externally. Thankfully no one was injured, as at the time, members of the community were inside the Church carrying out cleaning and flower arranging. Liability for the damage was accepted by the scaffolding contractor and repairs were completed within a few days.

Following these extra works, all scaffolding was removed and local landscaping was carried out around the building.

Administrative documentation in the form of a ten year maintenance plan, completion certificate, funding evaluation report and final billing have been completed and the roof repair project has been officially closed. The community were kept fully informed, with progress reports on the Church website and through the Wambrook Warbler.

Again, I take this opportunity, of thanking all members of the Repair Project Group whose professionalism and expertise they collectively brought to the table, is in my experience, unparalleled and I am extremely grateful for their help, support and guidance, without which, this project would not have come to fruition. In turn, I thank members of the PCC for their support during this major project.

As reported during the Churchwarden’s report in 2017, nothing has been done in respect of repairs to the West Door, a concern which again will have to be addressed before the coming winter. On a positive note, new Church notice-board has been supplied and installed in the lobby area. Work is ongoing to supply and fit lighting for the said notice-board.

Work is still outstanding, on the completion of the the Church inventory, as reported in the Churchwardens report for 2017. It is hoped that this will be completed during the coming months.

Problems were recently reported with the security access system and repairs  have now been completed by the locally based security company.

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The Churchwarden’s Annual Report to the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting of the Blessed Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook,

Monday 9th April 2018.

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