Wambrook Parish Church

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Download the full transcription (all 644 records) of the Wambrook Parish Register of Burials 1813 to 2012.

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An alphabetical list of known burials in the Churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wambrook

Churchyard Burial Plot Plans to 2016

 This listing contains the following information…

 1. List of names in alphabetical order


Year buried

Plot number

 2. List of plot numbers in numerical order

Plot number


Burial record number (where known)

Year buried

Medlycott monument reference number (where applicable)

Monument Y/N

Monument type


 3. Monumental Inscriptions of Wambrook, Somerset

• A report by Sir Mervyn Medlycott 2002

 Methodology for establishing plot numbers

 The starting point was a burial plan, created by David Eames (date unknown) of what is

 now identified as the Extension area of the churchyard. The information contained in

 the current plan is the result of meticulous cross-referencing with the Wambrook Parish

 Register of Burials 1813 to 2012, the Monumental Inscriptions Of Wambrook, Somerset

 (2002) prepared by Sir Mervyn Medlycott and by personally examining each of the plots in

 the churchyard.

 The Wambrook Parish Register of Burials 1813 to 2012 lists 644 names from which only

 262 burial sites were identified by cross-referencing the above-mentioned documents.

 The remaining burials have no headstone or other monument (or a note in Mr Eames plan

 of the Extension area) to mark the precise burial location. Wambrook parish records

 began in 1654 but were not standardised until 1813 (George Roses Act of 1812). Cross-

 referencing a transcription of burials between 1654 and 1812 matched just one additional

 burial site.

In all four areas of the churchyard: North, South, West and Extension, each plot was

 assigned a new and unique plot number purely to aid the location of specific burial sites.


 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the alphabetical and burial

 plot number lists no responsibility can be accepted for errors that may have occurred.

Download a copy of the Alphabetical list

Download a copy of the Alphabetical list. Download the full burial transcription 1813 to 2012.